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Development and process flow of pipe production line

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 25, 2018

Production process

The production process of PP R tube for the extrusion molding process, first hopper PP in R raw material by gravity into the extruder in the extruder barrel extrusion mixing by heating, fully plasticized from the extruder extrusion, into the shaping table, after setting the pipe by traction machine, through fixed length determination by cutting, cutting machine, pipe after passing through the test storage. The corresponding pipe fittings are produced by injection molding.

Pipe production process:

PP R raw material, vacuum feeding and feeding, storage of hopper, feeding, extrusion molding, cooling setting, traction, cutting, inspection, and warehousing

Tube production process flow:

PP R raw material, conveying material, hopper storage, feeding, heating and melting, extrusion injection molding, cooling setting, opening mold, inspection, and warehousing

Process parameters of production

Pipe extrusion parameters:

(1) screw speed 5 ~ 38R / min

(2) the temperature distribution of the cylinder

1~2 area 180~190 centigrade

3~4 area 200~210 centigrade

Mould temperature 200 c

Traction speed 2 ~ 20m / min

Tube injection parameters:

(1) the temperature distribution of the cylinder

The rear part of the cylinder is 160~170 degrees centigrade

200~230 centigrade in the middle of the cylinder

180~200 degrees centigrade in the front of the barrel

(2) the nozzle is 170~190 degrees centigrade

(3) die at 40~80 degrees centigrade

The defective products produced during the production of PP R pipe can be reused after crushing, which improves the utilization rate of raw materials, and reduces production costs and improves economic benefits.

Domestic production status and project investment estimation

Shanghai construction material plant is the earliest production of PP R tube in China, its production equipment and technology are imported from abroad. At present, there are 6 domestic production enterprises of PP R tube, with a total of 9 production lines, and the annual production capacity is 5500t.  Because the market is good, there are many enterprises of the production projects to show interest.

At present, 1 domestic 1000tPP R pipe production lines (pipe 880t, pipe fittings 120t), which are mainly imported equipment, are invested in China. According to the investment estimate of equipment imported from a European company, the table is 3.

pipe production line

At present, domestic equipment can produce PP R tube, but has the following disadvantages, because the PP - R pipe production process of pipe wall thickness control requirements are higher, domestic equipment control is not up to the level of imported equipment, the extruder yield is low, the product quality inferior outer tube.

Construction and application of PP R tube

The traditional galvanized steel pipe with compression connection, PVC pipe and PE pipe in bearing connecting plug bonding way, aluminum-plastic composite pipe and PEX pipe fittings with compression connection using copper (PEX tube can also be used in hot melt connection). The PP R pipe system adopts the same material pipe fittings, the price is lower than the copper pipe fittings, the tube and tube expansion coefficient is the same. When installing, the hot-melt machine is heated and melted and inserted. The operation is simple and convenient, and the quality is reliable. Generally connecting 1 nodes takes only a few seconds.

Because of the superior performance of PP R tube, it can be widely applied in drinking water system, purified water system, cold and hot water system, liquid transportation in petroleum and chemical industry, milk and beverage, jam, wine and other related industries.

In the field of hot water transport, the PP R tube has been able to match the PEX tube, and its processing is easier than the PEX tube. The PP R tube can achieve larger caliber, and the 110mm pipe is superior to PEX tube and aluminum plastic composite pipe.

The cross-linked polyethylene in the inner layer of the PEX tube contains crosslinker (silane or peroxide), while the PP R tube is in accordance with the food hygiene regulations. At present, the domestic PP R tubes are mainly used in pure water and hot water systems, such as the pure water system in Shanghai, which uses a considerable number of PP R tubes. The market price for this product is about 48000 yuan /t.

PP R tube is a kind of green environmental protection pipe, its superior comprehensive performance can fully meet the needs of modern people with high quality of life. Although the production technology of PP R pipe is at the initial stage of development in our country, but as people's understanding of PP R tube is deepened, we think PP R tube will shine brilliantly in the pipe market of our country.