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Reshape the pattern: shandong chemical industry breakthrough

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 11, 2019

As a pillar industry of shandong, the breakthrough and change of chemical industry are attracting more attention, and this reform concerning high-quality development has opened a wider door for the chemical industry.

All the time, shandong economy structure is unreasonable, the development quality is not ideal situation is more obvious. Shandong's traditional industries account for about 70% of the whole industry, of which 70% is heavy chemical industry.

This means that if shandong industry wants to realize the strategic transformation from big to strong, the chemical industry must first reshape its development pattern, which is characterized by high quality and high efficiency.

For this reason, shandong has launched a tough battle for the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry, and forced the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry with safety production, environmental protection requirements, energy saving indicators and quality standards. The strong rise of high-end chemical industry has become the most powerful portrayal of shandong's economic transformation in the new era.

Transformation of chemical enterprises

In the past 30 years, dongming petrochemical has created a miracle: from a local "small refinery" with an initial annual processing capacity of less than 150,000 tons of crude oil, it has gradually developed into a leader in the local refining industry with an annual processing capacity of 15 million tons and total assets of 30 billion yuan.

Among them secret, nature and independent innovation, transition upgrade cannot get rid of a relation.

In 2016, the state put forward the strategy of "accelerating the continuous transformation of old and new development drivers", and shandong was determined to promote the reduction of capacity in steel, local smelting and other industries, and carry out the relocation and reconstruction of chemical industry and structural adjustment.

In the face of the industry to capacity requirements, dongming petrochemical did not hesitate. Li xiangping, chairman of the board of dongming petrochemical corporation, said that in the context of China's excess refining capacity, any national enterprise with a sense of responsibility and responsibility should assume corresponding responsibilities and obligations and resolutely implement national policies.

Since 2015, dongming petrochemical has gradually phased out a large number of outdated production facilities. While improving the safety and environmental protection level of equipment, the company has also improved the essential safety and environmental protection level of operating equipment. Not only that, dongming petrochemical also seeks to "eat up the crude oil," constantly casting chain strong chain.

Centering on the main line of "ten million tons of oil refining, stretching the industrial chain and increasing the added value", dongming petrochemical will eventually transition from oil refining to terminal products. In the next 3-5 years, the industry of dongming petrochemical will cover various products of clothing, food, housing and transportation from oil refining to chemical industry, fine chemical industry and daily consumer goods.