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Major Japanese manufacturers will raise the price of vinyl chloride resin.

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 28, 2018

Japan's domestic vinyl chloride manufacturers have recently agreed on the issue of price increases for vinyl chloride products.

The two companies, which have already made it clear that they will raise prices, have agreed to change the price to 10,000 yen (about 600 yuan) per ton.

The two companies have already agreed to a new pricing policy from April 1, with a deal between the companies downstream.

In other companies, the revised price increases are likely to be passed in recent negotiations.

Some downstream products have already seen price changes.

The end result is worth paying attention to.

As one of the important raw materials of plastics industry, vinyl chloride is mainly used to produce polyvinyl chloride resin.

Copolymers of vinyl acetate, vinylidene chloride, butadiene, acrylonitrile, acrylate and other monomers can also be used as refrigerants.

Used to make adhesives, coatings, food packaging materials, building materials, etc.

It can also be used as an extraction agent for dyes and spices.