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How much does a 25% tariff on American PCS affect the domestic market?

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 12, 2018

Recently, a trade war between China and the United States has become the focus of public opinion.

Is growing effect on both sides of the counter, for the United States of an emergency, caused by a breach of international obligations to China to defend their legitimate rights and interests, China on April 4, the Treasury announcement, the state council tariffs commission decided to native American soybeans, automobiles, chemicals, etc 14 classes, 106 items of imposing a 25% tariff, involving China from the United States imports account for about $2017 in 50 billion.

LDPE, PVC, PC, pa-6, PET, acrylonitrile and other commodities are among the 106 items in the tariff.

Today, we will analyze the impact of this trade war on PC.

The impact of the tariff on American PC.



In 2017, China's PC import dependency is about 79%.

The United States is second only to South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, is China's PC imports for the fourth big country, of which 2011-2017 from the United States imports of PC are more than 100000 tons, accounting for less than 10% of the total domestic PC import.

In 2017, China's import dependence on us PCS is 5.8 percent.

In the trade mode of importing the original PC of the United States, the processing accounted for 82.35% and the general trade was only 4.76%.

In conclusion, from PC to the United States import tariffs imposed on, affect the good than bad for the PC industry in our country: the next three years the domestic PC business density of building, the domestic material supply, the domestic market more competitive.

Instead of PC to the United States tariffs, to some extent for the domestic PC industry, the short term market gap conducive to domestic iron wind, luxi chemical, zhejiang wanhua chemical new PC companies such as sales, in the long run is also conducive to the development of the domestic PC market.