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Analysis of the development status and trend of China's fine chemical industry: the overall refinement rate of 45% has a large space for improvement

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 21, 2018

China has competitive advantages in developing fine chemical industry

The main raw material of fine chemical products is basic chemical products. After years of development, China's chemical industry has established a relatively complete chemical industry system, with a complete range of chemical products, a large production capacity and output base for some important raw materials, and the output of more than 10 major chemical products ranking top in the world. The complete industrial chain system of China's chemical industry enables China's fine chemical industry to obtain sufficient and low-cost raw material supply, abundant human resources and low human factor costs at home, which gives China's fine chemical industry a certain comparative advantage in the international development.

Opportunities for sustainable development of downstream pesticide and pharmaceutical industries

On the one hand, China's pesticide demand will maintain a steady growth on the basis of structural adjustment. In recent years, the output and sales of pesticides in China have been increasing year by year, especially the market for herbicides and fungicides. The area of chemical weeding increased, and the herbicide usage in China increased rapidly. In the areas with relatively developed rural economy and large areas of mechanized farming, the area of chemical weeding increased significantly, which led to the rapid increase of herbicide use in China in recent years. The change of planting structure promotes the growth of microbicide consumption demand in China.