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Yili state fire brigade successfully completed the field training of coal and chemical enterprises and held a joint meeting of full-time fire brigade in the second half of the year

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 24, 2018

To improve fire emergency rescue overcome difficult ability, improve the level of force for the theory, familiar with the process of coal chemical industry enterprise production process and disposal measures, implement the fire emergency rescue team, the team full-time fire joint logistics linkage mechanism, yili prefecture fire detachment without, actively planning, on December 19 morning, 11 brigade chief of staff, head full-time team ZhouZhi companies and 13 grass-roots squadron, forest fire detachment force, a total of 85 people, in-depth heavens coal chemical industry co., LTD., for other training, and full-time team joint meeting held in the second half of 2018, The system improves the theoretical level of petrochemical disposal of grassroots commanders and fighters in the prefecture, further clarifies the construction and development prospects of full-time teams, and lays a solid foundation for the improvement of joint combat effectiveness of various fire rescue forces in yili in the future.