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Fujian issued a number of opinions on promoting the green and efficient development of fluorine chemical industry

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 03, 2019

To promote the development of the fluorine chemical industry of fujian green efficient, recently, the ministry of industry and information technology department, the provincial development and reform commission, provincial ecological environment agency and the provincial natural resources jointly issued "on promoting the development of fluorine chemical industry of fujian province green efficient several opinions" (hereinafter referred to as "opinions"), from strengthening the industrial layout, strengthen the fluorite ore resources optimization configuration, support the fluorine chemical industry park construction, optimizing the financing services and other aspects.

Fluorine chemical products have become necessary raw materials for the development of new materials, new energy, electronic information, new medicine and other strategic emerging industries as well as the upgrading of traditional industries.

The opinions put forward that the layout of fluorine chemical industry should be optimized to achieve green development. According to the distribution of fluorite resource in fujian province, the fluorine chemical industry should concentrate in sanming, nanping, and longyan city layout, three districts and the city as a whole to consider fluorite ore resources, location advantage, and environmental capacity, optimize the industrial layout, outside of the campus is no longer new fluorine chemical industry project, perimeter existing fluorine chemical industry project will no longer expand. Make full use of the existing fluorine chemical industry park, promote the industry to become stronger and better, promote the green and efficient development of fluorine chemical industry in northwest fujian; We will accelerate structural adjustment of the fluorine chemical industry and eliminate processes, equipment and products that do not conform to industrial policies. We will strictly control the low-level expansion of the fluorine chemical industry and, in principle, no new projects for primary products such as hydrofluoric acid and fluorine salts will be built.

According to the opinions, it is necessary to support the construction of fluorine chemical industrial park, the establishment of circular economy demonstration park in fluorine chemical industrial park, the implementation of key projects and the r&d and innovation of enterprises.

At the same time, leading enterprises are encouraged to set up new fluorine chemical industry research and development bases, and 8 million yuan of subsidies will be given to newly identified state key laboratories and national engineering research centers of fluorine chemical industry. We will encourage leading enterprises to strengthen cooperation with universities, scientific research institutes, upstream and downstream enterprises and various funds, and create an innovation platform for the fluorine chemical industry at the provincial level. If a leading enterprise sets up a r&d platform in fujian province, which meets the requirements stipulated in the provincial measures for the introduction and construction of major scientific and technological innovation platforms, it shall be subsidized at 30% of the actual investment of newly added r&d equipment and instruments of major r&d institutions. The maximum subsidy for the establishment of a research and development institution with the status of a non-independent legal person shall be 10 million yuan.