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Business agency: on January 3, fluorine chemical products price list

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 07, 2019

"Dr. Yao, have we entered the drinking water source reserve? Is it level one or level two? Does it show the source of the risk?" "Shi qingmin, sitting in the front row, asked loudly.

Shi qingmin is the deputy leader of the first inspection group and the former regional director of the environmental supervision bureau of the ministry of environmental protection.

"Asked shi qingmin, a reporter from China business news in September 2017, as he approached a drinking water source protection area in hubei and guizhou provinces with vehicles from the special operations inspection team.

In moving cars, "Dr. Yao" is always holding her Pad to keep looking. Yao yanjuan, a postdoctoral fellow from the ministry of environmental protection's satellite environmental application center, told reporters that the satellite remote sensing support system for on-site inspection of drinking water source protection areas can provide on-site law enforcement personnel with such support as positioning, ranging, tips on suspicious risk sources, route guidance, and recording and exporting on-site inspection information.

In May 2016, according to the deployment of the CPC central committee and the state council, the ministry of environmental protection launched this special action, the goal is to use two years or so, by the end of 2017, basically completed the Yangtze river economic belt all above ground level and urban centralized drinking water source of screening control tasks, to further improve the level of the Yangtze river economic belt drinking water security.