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Several kinds of grain cutting structure in the extruding granulator?

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 25, 2018

Granulator in cutting parts of the structure is mainly installed in the auxiliary equipment of extrusion stretch basin. The cutting auxiliary machine can be divided into two parts, namely hot and cooling, according to their working methods and functions. Hot cutting can also be divided into dry cutting, water ring cutting and underwater cutting. Their specific working methods and application characteristics are as follows.

1, dry Qieganqieli production method is a strip material extruder in the rotating blade immediately after being cut into uniform length is shaped by the fan through the pipeline, and then pull the material sent to the cooling and sieving device.  This kind of grain cutting method is suitable for the mixing and cutting of the ethylene material.

2, water ring cutting water ring cutting production method refers to extrusion machine extrusion strip immediately by rotating blade cutting, and threw the grain cutting cover attached to the inner wall of water ring with high rotation speed, and then the material to flow with water separator dehydration, drying, and then sent to the material cooling device cooling that is finished. The production method is suitable for the pelletizing of polyolefin material.

3, water cut under water pelletizing production method refers to the extrusion machine extrusion strip immediately into the water cooled down, and then cut into pellets. Then the recycled water is sent to the centrifuge drier to dehydrate and dry. This kind of cutting method is more suitable for the mixing of raw materials in the twin screw extruder and is used for the production of the larger batch.

4, cold cut grain grain cooling refers to the extruder Plasticating after the material from the molding mold sheet barrel before the material, first into cooling water. In the coiling, and then use the special cutter cutting. The extrusion cut production, suitable for polyethylene, polypropylene and ABS. Polyethylene glycol two drunk vinegar raw material mixing cutting bit.