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Three chemical industrial parks in weihai have been recognized as provincial level

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 21, 2019

According to the information from weihai industry and information technology bureau, on January 11, three chemical industrial parks, including wendeng district chemical industrial park, nanhai new area chemical industrial park and lingang district plastic additives chemical industrial park, were announced as provincial chemical industrial parks and professional chemical industrial parks.

The three chemical industrial parks announced this time are as follows: the chemical industrial park in wendeng district covers 5.3 square kilometers, which is as far as fuhai road in the east, duijin road in the west, tianrun road in the south and dalian road in the north. The chemical industrial park of nanhai new area covers 4.96 square kilometers, with longyue road in the east, longtai road in the west, binhai road in the south and yuze road in the north. Lingang district plastic auxiliary chemical industrial park covers an area of 1.97 square kilometers, which is as far as weiquan road in the east, jiangsu middle road in the west, zhongbo north road in the south and jiangsu east road in the north.

The announcement marks that the software and hardware of the three chemical industrial parks have reached the standard specifications set by the provincial government, and they are qualified to develop the chemical industry and settle down in chemical enterprises according to the overall industrial development plan and industrial development plan of the parks.