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What are the common categories of PP-R pipe production line?

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 25, 2018

PP-R pipe production line radial stiffened tube: the production of this kind of pipe adopts special mold and subsequent forming device. It is a heavy large-diameter super strong rib circular glass tube. It is characterized by a radial stiffener on the outer wall of the tube, which can greatly improve the stiffness and pressure strength of the pipe, and is especially suitable for the drainage in municipal engineering.

The core layer foaming pipe: the core layer foaming pipe is the three layer co extrusion production process in the two layer and common UPPR pipe production line, the middle is a new type of tubing with relative density of 0.7-0.9 low foam layer, the circumferential rigidity is 8 times that of ordinary UPPR pipe production line, and a change in temperature when the ruler of good stability, good heat insulation, especially foam core layer can make out the noise propagation, more suitable for the high-rise building drainage system.

Double wall bellows: double wall bellows are made by extruding two concentric tubes at the same time, and then melting the outer tube of the bellows on the smooth tube of the inner wall. It has smooth inner wall and corrugated outer wall, light and high strength, and can save 40-60% raw material than common UPPR pipe production line. It is mainly used as communication cable protection pipe, building exhaust pipe and agricultural drainage pipe.

The foam core tube can save more than 25% of the raw material, and the inner wall compression ability can be greatly improved. In the wall with a foam core muffler several convex spiral tube water continuously along the inner wall of the pipe free spiral flow in the central drainage pipe to form a gas column, the tube pressure is reduced by 10%, the general capacity increased by 10 times, the drainage amount increases 6 times, lower noise than ordinary UPPR 30-40db drainage pipe production line tube.

PP-R pipe production line transdermal reinforced tube: two layers of plastic extruded by internal and external, with synthetic fiber in the middle, good flexibility and bending. The transparent tube of PPR pipe production line has good acid resistance, alkali resistance, oil resistance and aging resistance, and can replace rubber tube with cheap price.  Widely used in nitrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide and other gases and water, dilute alkali, oil and other liquid transport, also can be used as water heater, sprayer, gas cooker and other catheter.

CPPR pipe production line: CPPR pipe production line is made from chlorinated polyvinyl chloride with chlorine content up to 66% or more, a heat resistant plastic pipe is obtained.  The heat resistant temperature of pipe material of CPPR pipe production line is above 30 centigrade higher than that of UPPR pipe production line, and the dimensional stability is improved and the coefficient of linear expansion is reduced.  CPPR pipe production line is excellent in heat resistance, aging resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. It also does not deform in boiling water, and it can be used for hot water, corrosion resistant liquid and gas transportation.

UPPR pipe production line pipe: the largest application of UPPR pipe production line pipe is the construction industry. At present, it is widely applied in various provinces and cities, such as water pipe system and residential water supply pipe, and is mainly used for drainage pipes, rainwater pipes and threading pipes in construction industry. The UPV pipe has chemical corrosion resistance, self extinguishment and flame retardancy, good resistance to primary chemicals, smooth inner wall and good electrical properties. However, UPPR pipe production line has low tube toughness, large linear expansion coefficient and narrow temperature range. The development of UPPR pipe production line efficiency obviously, the production and use of UPPR pipe production line pipe cast iron pipe production and use of such 55-68%, UPPR pipe production line water supply pipe than galvanized pipe such 62-75%, and the same size per unit length of the price of only 1/2 galvanized pipe, zinc plated pipe installation costs than low 70%, using 1 tons of UPPR the water supply pipe pipe production line can replace 12 tons of cast iron pipe, used 1 tons of UPPR pipe production line of corrugated pipe can save 25 tons of steel.