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Bridging The Gap Between Science And Education Resources And County Economic Development

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 12, 2018

A professor or doctor is followed by a discipline, a scientific research team and a university. The scientific research talent team plays an immeasurable role in helping local economic transformation and upgrading, and in promoting the generation and growth of new drivers.In order to give full play to the intellectual advantages of talents and activate the vitality of county economic development, since 2017, boxing county in shandong province has begun to explore the establishment of a group of science and technology heads of towns and cities, which is to provide at least one science and technology deputy post for economic development zones and each town and town to serve the local economic and social development by means of recruitment from institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes.By September 2018, boxing welcomed the first batch of 17 deputy science and technology positions, formed the first group of science and technology town heads in binzhou city, and took the first step to "bridge the 'gap' between science and education resources and county economic development".

Members of the boxing county science and technology town head group come from the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences, jiangsu university, guizhou university, shenyang university of chemical technology, shandong university of finance and economics and other provincial and domestic scientific research institutions, covering new materials, urban planning, rural tourism, intelligent drive, agricultural economy and other research fields.Boxing county hopes to make a breakthrough in relevant fields through the platform of "science and technology mayor group" and find a way to combine industry, education and research.