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Characteristics Of PE Pipe Production Line

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 25, 2018

The PE pipe production line is composed of a feeding system, a single screw extruder, a PE pipe special mold, a sizing and cooling system, a traction machine, a rewinder and a control system. Among them, the extruder is one of the core components of the pipe production line, and the main machine used for the pipe processing is the single screw extruder. In the design of single screw extruder, it is a key technology to realize high quality pipe extrusion at low processing temperature.

In screw design, using a combination of BM structure and barrier type structure, and increase the special mixing section, not only to ensure that the plasticizing effect of the tube, and the material in the screw on the various regions, the melt pressure is low, the pressure distribution, and strictly control the shear function, to obtain the ideal temperature of materials the.

In the barrel design, using a slotted barrel, with the special structure design of feed bushing, the inner hole surface with a plurality of grooves with a slope, in order to ensure the PE high speed feeding, there is a special cooling device in the feeding section design, in order to achieve the temperature controlled feeding barrel barrel temperature isolation and with the adjacent. Each section of the barrel has a temperature controlled heating section. The forced air cooling has a good linear relationship with the forced air cooling. It is easy to synchronize with the traction speed. In order to achieve high-speed extrusion, the gearbox adopts a high torque and low noise gearbox, and the motor power is matched.

Cooling sizing device:

The role of the shaping die is to ensure that the high temperature parison extruded from the machine head obtains the fixed geometry and size during the vitrification process, and in the process, the deformation internal stress and the thermal internal stress of the parison are basically eliminated, so as to get products that meet the relevant quality standards.  It is the main process device in the process of plastic extrusion.

Traction device:

The traction device is a necessary auxiliary device for continuous extrusion of plastic pipes. Its role is to provide a certain traction and traction speed for the already initially stereotyped PE from the head. The friction force produced in the cooling setting process is overcome, so that the plastic pipe is extracted at a uniform speed from the cooling setting device. Through adjusting the traction speed to adjust the PE pipe wall thickness, in order to obtain the standard pipe.  Practice has proved that the tensile strength of plastic pipe produced without traction is obviously lower than that of traction force, and the quality of the production can also be improved when the traction device is produced.

The traction device requires:

The gripper must be able to adapt to the requirement of supporting multiple diameter pipes, and it can achieve smooth speed adjustment in a certain range. During traction, the traction speed must be stable. Because any irregular change will form a ripple on the surface of the product, affecting the quality of the product. The traction and clamping force should be moderate and adjustable. In the process of traction, it does not slip, beat and shake, so as to avoid the deformation of the pipe.