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China's Petrochemical Industry Portal Internet + Oil Breaks The Traditional Pattern

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 14, 2018

At present, under the influence of a series of policies such as domestic supply-side reform and the opening of the permission of private refineries to import crude oil, the market-oriented reform of refined oil has reached an unprecedented high in 30 years, and the private chain from crude oil to the terminal has been thoroughly broken through for the first time. In line with the general trend of market-oriented reform, China's petrochemical industry portal, as a relatively large domestic service platform for product circulation, will play a crucial role in the industrial chain of product circulation.

The information of the circulation chain of traditional refined oil products is not transparent and there are many intermediate links, resulting in the difference between the wholesale price and the terminal retail price as high as 30-40%. In addition, the oil product service cannot be monitored, and there are a large number of middlemen stealing, leaking and changing oil, thus the interests of end customers cannot be guaranteed.

China petrochemical industry portal is an Internet + petroleum platform focusing on B2B and B2C vertical segmentation fields. Based on the concept of serving the country and the people, the platform currently has product oil, lubricating oil, naphtha, solvent oil, asphalt, paraffin, petroleum coke, liquefied gas, additives and other categories. China petrochemical industry portal is a relatively large online platform in the petroleum industry.