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Dalian's Development Of Smart Agriculture Helps Farmers Increase Production And Income

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Dalian's development of smart agriculture helps farmers increase production and income

Last year, the per capita disposable income of permanent rural residents is expected to increase by 8 percent year-on-year

"With this set of intelligent monitoring and sensing equipment, the company can realize the automatic closing of greenhouse air vents, and agricultural production becomes more standardized and precise, which not only reduces labor costs, but also makes it easier to cultivate high-quality and high-yield agricultural products! "Big data, Internet of things and other technologies have now been applied in the fields," shi bao, director of the office of dalian xiangze agricultural development co., said on Jan. 13.

The company has 132 greenhouses covering an area of 14.2 hectares. Company since 2017 for the application of modern information technology in agriculture, has now realizing a complete coverage of smart devices, greenhouse monitoring and data management system of intelligent control, such as temperature, humidity and light all the data, which is closely linked with the crop growth once index in excess of the prescribed standards of critical point, the system will send the information on the computer or mobile phone "alarm", then just gently on the keyboard, problem is solved, realized the agriculture visualization of remote diagnosis, remote control and intelligent management. Shi said that with "one hand on the wheel", farming management is no longer the traditional field management of looking at the sky, the ground and crops, and there is no need for agricultural technicians to get up early and go back and forth at night, saving nearly 30 percent of labor costs.

The reporter understands, dalian city promotes agricultural green production mode energetically and aggrandisement science and technology innovation drive, regard it as the important path that implements country revitalization. Fostering the development of agriculture and rural areas the new kinetic energy, more and more intelligent equipment and Internet of things, cloud computing and big data technology is applied to each link of agricultural production, promote the information technology and modern agriculture depth fusion, digital agriculture, the wisdom agriculture arises at the historic moment, agricultural development quality improved significantly, help farmers increase production. In 2018, the added value of the city's agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery and service industries increased by 3.5%, and the per capita disposable income of rural permanent residents is expected to grow by about 8% year-on-year, once again exceeding the growth rate of urban residents' income.

In addition, smart agriculture not only changes the traditional agricultural production mode, but also widely penetrates into the circulation, service and supervision of agricultural products, among which the traceability of agricultural products is one of them. Smart agriculture records the detailed data of crops from the planting period, growth period to the mature period and even the sales link. Through the "growth file" of crops, it can truly trace the source of products and ensure the market stability and food safety of crops.

The package of agricultural products produced by dalian shengfengyuan agricultural technology co., LTD has the "id card" with pictures and texts. Take your hand and scan the qr code on the packaging bag, including the routine items including product name, weight, production date and shelf life, etc., as well as the account data of the whole process from production to distribution of agricultural products, which covers the complete growth record of the products. Consumers can also order directly from the Internet through a qr code. The realization of these services is based on the development of smart agriculture, namely the integration of information technology and agricultural production. The company's annual production capacity of organic vegetables reaches 500 tons. The application of information technology shortens the distance between the company and the market, shortens the sales time, strengthens the consumer's trust in the company, and helps the company to build a green and safe high-end brand.

The new technologies of intelligence and informatization also explore a new model of "Internet plus" of smart agriculture for the marketing of agricultural products and the promotion of agricultural technologies. Dalian changle agricultural cooperative USES new ideas of agricultural crowdfunding to make the virtual "happy farm" a reality. Users of adopted land can check the whole process of sowing, growing and picking of the land they purchased or purchased in real time through their mobile phones. They can search and trace the whole process of crops in real time and enjoy the fun of being an "urban farmer".