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Good News, Linyi Two Of The List Of Provincial Chemical Park 修改翻译结果

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Recently, the general office of shandong provincial people's government released the list of the third batch of chemical industrial parks and professional chemical industrial parks. In addition to the list of the first batch and the second batch of chemical industrial parks and professional chemical industrial parks, there are altogether 6 chemical industrial parks in linyi.

The list of two chemical industry parks in linyi is: junan chemical industry park, yinan melamine industry park. It is understood that in the process of the third batch of 38 of the park sign, province related functional departments with a central environmental supervision "look back", review the each park QiBu District four scope, including 13 park existence is not in conformity with the relevant planning and basic facilities are not perfect, park adjusted perfect and achieve its cognizance conditions will be arranged in the fourth batch of release.

Provincial government requirements, at various levels, various departments concerned should thoroughly study and apply new era xi the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the party's 19 big spirit, strong practice new development idea, firmly grasp the development of high quality requirement, strengthen the park the whole process of dynamic regulation, to do a good job of supervision, management and examination, to promote the overall level of the park continues to improve, the park into a chemical industry agglomeration, efficient, green development platform carrier.

What environmental protection requirement does chemical industry park maintain? Centralized and unified sewage treatment facilities are required. The effluent quality of sewage treatment in the chemical industrial park conforms to the index requirements and relevant local standards stipulated in the "pollutant discharge standards for urban sewage treatment plants" (gb19819-2002). The setting of sewage outlet into the river (sea) of the park shall comply with relevant regulations, and sewage discharge shall not affect the receiving and downstream water bodies to reach the water quality target determined by water function zoning. The safe disposal rate of hazardous waste reached 100%. With centralized safety and environmental monitoring system. Groundwater quality monitoring Wells were set up and operated normally as required by the eia approval. In that year, the company was not subject to environmental protection approval limit, supervision and supervision, and the rectification was not completed within the specified time.