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Realize The Material Industrialization Standardization To Make Up The Biggest Short Board Of Plastic Development.

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 22, 2018

The more advanced social economy, the use of plastic area will be more wide, the current in the use of plastic rising year by year in China, application fields are also gradually expanded, plastics have been used by more and more in many new areas, new category of plastic materials are constantly emerging.

In 2017, China plastic market continues to maintain the fast growth, in order to meet the plastic from the macro market trends, we interviewed Zheng Kai synthetic resins in China supply and marketing association secretary general, interpretation in a professional perspective on the future of China's plastics market.

The increase is huge and uneven.

"In 2017, the amount of plastic used in China exceeds 120 million tons, or about 6 percent.

Overall development is not balanced, in the use of some materials is large, has grown quickly, some of the material usage was generally, "Ryan secretary-general is firstly analyzed from the classification of growth over the past year used plastic:" in the field of electronic, automotive and many civil, material innovation, usage is very big also, become very bright application industry.

With rapid growth of the express industry, the fast food industry, the rapid growth of the plastic packaging especially like EPP foam material production increase quickly, which also led to blister and thermoforming, etc. The development of mechanical machining industry.

The demand for plastic for high-end medical products also shows a rapid growth, which drives the huge use and consumption of plastics.

With the huge plastic consumption comes the waste recycling problem, the huge plastic waste has become an urgent problem to be solved.

"In the past, China has a large gap in plastic materials, so our country has been importing foreign waste to fill the gap.

But China plastic capacity increased in recent years, the gap to fill for raw materials as well as the original pressing, so the country a total ban on the garbage, this can improve the quality of China's plastic manufacturing, and on the other hand can also curb excessive growth of plastic waste, "Zheng Kai secretary-general said:" plastic recycling is the major industries of the future, the future of the plastic industry is to walk the path of the green circle, and realize production cycles is a key link of plastic recycling, and this is what the current market or lack of, only in recycling link are profitable, to stimulate the market vigor, to revitalize the entire green circulation industry chain, also presented the development on the industrial chain imbalance problem."

The target material for "made in China 2025" is the biggest shortboard.

Currently many industries are in pursuit of lightweight, plastic instead of steel, glass, wood and other materials, plastic broader application field and application of high-performance materials also increase gradually, China has been in a lot of materials research and development with the international level, but lack of industrialization, standardization, this is the biggest weakness which restrict the development of the plastics industry.

Zheng Kai secretary-general said: "in automobile industry, for example, China has become the world's largest car manufactured and sold, with annual capacity of 28 million cars, now accounts for about a third of all over the world, with the lightweight plastic instead of steel also had the very big development, the plastic on the replacement of traditional materials have very large space, but China's car on the application of plastic is not enough, the total weight of a car plastic also accounted for only 10% of the vehicle weight, the whole vehicle plastic a total of more than 100 kilograms, is far lower than the developed countries of 200-200 kilograms of usage, and the proportion of China's automotive plastics ascending slowly.

Actually there are a number of outstanding material suppliers, production of materials performance is also very high, but less than place, good material that one important reason is the lack of standardization.

The United States, Europe, Japan has its own plastic using standard, they use the standard Chinese raw materials can be rejected, and the us, European, Japanese and no will be the best technology to China, lightweight is the expansion of the use of plastic parts, and reduce the process of a kind of single component weight, both need to achieve high performance plastic."

In the face of this situation, this year, the ministry of industry and information technology is specialized in organizing the auto nonmetal materials alliance to solve the problem of domestic production of non-metallic materials for vehicles, zheng said.

Strive to use 5-10 years, the reference international standard, develop own material standard, release bound development short board, realize domestic material more efficient, high quality development.

The preparatory work for the alliance is currently held by the China synthetic resin association.

Plastic is an environmentally friendly material.

A lot of people when it comes to plastic, will think is damage to the environment, affect the body health, it is often quite a part of people's misunderstanding, but plastic is very green sunrise industry, the progress of human society and the environment has played a positive role in promoting.

The reasons for the bad impression are mainly due to some mistakes in publicity and recycling.

The secretary-general said: "the plastic has realized the substitution of other materials in light quantification, which is itself a kind of resource is economy.

If plastic products start from the green design process and realize the green cycle in the whole life cycle, then the environmental protection effect of plastic and the contribution to human will be greatly enhanced.

The merger of the fittest of the industry will become the mainstream.

At present, the country is implementing supply-side reform, and the chemical industry is no exception.

From production and processing to the formation of plastic products, the real high level enterprises accounted for only a few, most are small businesses, these small firms also have do a lot of very good, the product is very distinctive, but most of the production or general product, the future large acquisition of small enterprises, with industry integration will also be gradually on the agenda.

In this way, it is the only way for chemical enterprises to realize the survival of the fittest and optimize the configuration.

The secretary-general of zheng kai said: "on the production of plastics, China has been in the forefront of the world, but in terms of the quality of industrialization, China still has a long way to go.

What we don't have right now is the level of industrialization of high-end materials, not just plastics, but also in other areas.

What we need to do is to push the industry to break through the bottleneck of high-end industrialization and realize industrial upgrading.

It also provides professional customized solutions to different market segments to improve the application level and service level.

Output explain China's plastics have huge market advantages, but also clearly board plastic constraint factors in the development of China, how to swallow the short board, the implementation on the huge production quality and high-end material industrialization, is the history of China plastics industry must experience a breakthrough in key sectors, so as to realize high quality development.