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This Week, PVC Enterprise Maintenance Period Inventory Decrease.

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 21, 2018

Product aspect: in May, PVC enterprise maintenance period, manufacturer spot inventory low, destocking stage, production decline, inventory continued to decrease. Downstream infrastructure industry gradually fully operative at the same time, especially the shandong region, influenced by summit, parking lead to enterprise purchase in advance, PVC demand increases, the demand in the second quarter of positive, causing manufacturers ex-factory price to pull up, trade business follow up. As of May 11, the mainstream price of PVC5 in east China market was 6800-7150 yuan/ton.

Raw materials: this week, the market of calcium carbide is slightly up, the supply is tight, affected by the environmental policy, the construction rate is less than expected, and the second quarter is expected to be good stimulus, the price of the electric rock will be dominated. Influenced by upstream raw material support, PVC prices continue to rise.

Import and export, according to incomplete statistics, business clubs in China in 2017 75.155 million tons of plastic products production, exports of 11.68 million tons, about 15.54% of total output, among them, the amount of exports to the United States is about 19.71% of total exports, import volume accounts for 7.33% of total imports from the United States, a trade war with China to upgrade recently, policy has not yet been performed, exports of plastic and its products into a trade war with China in the short term temporary won't appear larger fluctuation, the PET market in a rational market. If a trade war between China and the United States intensifies, it is expected to have a negative impact on the domestic PET industry.

Industry: on May 10, the rubber and plastic index was 827 points, up 1 point from yesterday, and its peak of 1060 points (2012-03-14) decreased by 21.98%, up 43.58% from the 576 point on December 21, 2015. (note: cycle refers to 2011-12-01) recently, the rubber and plastic industry has been expanding, and the market is mainly on the upside.