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The Effect Of The Two Taxes On The Plastics Industry

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 23, 2018

First of all, the environmental protection tax, the environmental protection tax law was implemented in early 2018. The tax law stipulates that the environmental protection tax will be declared on a quarterly basis. "Fee" to "tax" is the most important purpose is not to get revenue, but set up an "enterprise much more taxes, less tax" mechanism, through the rigidity of tax reversed transmission, transformation and upgrading of enterprise high pollution and high energy consumption. In recent years, as the country's emphasis on environmental protection, the requirements of the enterprise in the production of environmental protection for positive response, the implementation of the current green taxes on normative better polyolefin industry the impact is not big, so the green taxes levied will greatly increase the enterprise cost, and then passed on to the product is not established.

From VAT, May 1, 2018, the manufacturing industries such as value-added tax rate from 17% to 17%, the transportation, construction, basic telecommunications services industry and agricultural goods such as value-added tax rate from 11% to 10%. Reduced 1% VAT for polyolefin products tons price of about ten thousand yuan, according to the different per ton of VAT price about 100 yuan, in April, at the early stage of the value-added tax to reduce market movements appeared gradually, based on the change of value added tax, relatively reduced to stock market risk, based on the domestic maintenance in May focus, reduced production, supporting the foot at the bottom of the market expectations, some intermediary for optimum price supply procurement inventory, plan to shipment in May, then there will be 100 yuan/ton or so flexible operating space, and near the end of the month, partial businessman offer began to appear in May month make out an invoice and make out an invoice two different prices.

On average, the green taxes levied impact on the industry costs and prices haven't changed much, but reduce 1% VAT tax changes transitions some flexible market operation, April hoarders may release or partly link tight supply source, and trends in the market, based on the contradiction between supply and demand of plastic gradually highlights, value-added tax by 1%, will have certain inhibitory action to the price of plastic.