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A New Plastic Tax Law Was Introduced To Reduce Pollution And Promote Recyclable Materials

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2018

British companies that continue to produce disposable products such as plastic microbeads, plastic bags and plastic straws will face fines, as part of a total ban on the use of plastic. British officials and regulators say a heavy tax on non-recyclable products is more effective than the current government mandate to abolish plastic waste by 2042.

According to Britain's the independent newspaper reported that the new plan is trying to make manufacturing cycle cost of plastic products reached "very high" level, to suppress the production can not be recycled plastic products. At the same time, the UK will cut taxes and provide funds to producers of reusable plastic.

Commonwealth officials are trying to raise taxes on the production of recycled plastic, and want companies to switch to green. The move, according to a British mp, has touched the heart of the business, which will accelerate the process.

The report quoted an unnamed official. "A lot of low-quality plastic products are a problem," he said. These products are disposable products, poor quality and cannot be recycled. So the question is how to change, to get people to use better quality, reusable plastic products. An important method is to make the manufacturing of non-renewable plastic products extremely high, so as to avoid their production effectively. In other words, the cost is too high to be worth using.

"When producers know that consumers are looking at the issue, they think they have to move in a friendly direction," British government officials said. It is reported that the British minister plans to have an appropriate policy by December.