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The Whole Chain Blocks The Rubbish

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 29, 2018

This is the production situation of a smuggling waste plastic processing factory in shantou city under investigation on May 22, when shenzhen customs launched a special campaign against "foreign garbage" smuggling "" blue sky 2018". In pursuit of profit, these underground workshops also discharge the untreated waste water generated in the production process at will, directly dyeing the nearby river black. Such underground workshops, which have seriously affected people's lives, health and safety and seriously damaged the ecological environment, are the focus of this campaign.

Since the beginning of this year, under the unified deployment of the general administration of customs, shenzhen customs has carried out a series of special operations such as "blue sky 2018" to crack down on the smuggling of "foreign garbage". In the first five months of this year, 19 cases of solid waste smuggling and more than 90,000 tons of solid waste were seized.

Deep excavation and extension of "foreign garbage" smuggling

February 3, shenzhen customs to carry out the code-named "mission 2018-2" blow smuggling on a large scale investigation action, solid waste site seized involved more than one thousand tonnes of waste plastics, and documentary evidence, material evidence, a group of 12 captured the criminal suspect. It was preliminarily found that the above suspects smuggled more than 50,000 tons of waste plastics into China through the use of other people's licenses.

Early on May 22, according to the general administration of customs against "foreign garbage" smuggling act 2018 "blue sky" unified deployment, shenzhen customs to carry out the code-named "mission 2018-6" smuggling on a large scale investigation action of solid waste, the police more than 60 people, shantou in guangdong, zhengzhou, henan, jiangsu changzhou, etc to capture seizing, capture of the 5 major criminal suspects and seized documentary evidence, material evidence of a batch of on site. It was preliminarily confirmed that the above suspects smuggled more than 41,000 tons of waste plastics into China from January 2012 to December 2017 with other people's licenses.

After the check, the suspect involved in the direct order in the United States, Japan and other places, waste plastics, then passed on to the freight and customs clearance gangs using other enterprises import approval waste plastics, smuggled from multiple port area of imported waste plastics, transportation to guangzhou, shantou, huiyang, some do not have waste plastics processing production qualification of the enterprise to carry on the processing and sales.

Shenzhen customs anti-smuggling bureau of investigation two educational section chief seats JinMin told reporters that the illegal manufacturing plants are mostly some family business type underground workshop, there is no formal registration, crude production equipment, production process and no any environmental protection measures. They buy overseas waste plastics, there is no corresponding eia qualification, cannot apply to the license, so buying some companies illegally selling license, smuggled in misrepresenting way through general trade. It is understood that in foreign countries, enterprises are not free to dispose of these wastes, which must be paid and disposed of

For professional organizations. Some lawbreakers took advantage of the price difference, so they bought the goods at a low price and smuggled them into the country. These black industrial chains are hugely profitable, says Mr Xi, but waste plastics are not only polluting the environment but also harming human health.

Shut out high - pollution solid waste

It is reported that the general recyclable solid waste, often mixed with high pollution and hazardous waste. In order to effectively protect the ecological environment and people's health, China has adjusted the regulations on garbage import and rejected the collection of high pollution solid waste. In July 2017, China formally notified the world trade organization, from the end of 2017 began to no longer receive including waste plastic, paper, waste slag and textiles, such as 14 categories of 125 kinds of solid waste. Industrial sources can be used as a raw material imports of waste plastics must strictly abide by the relevant legal formalities, and the source of life, such as the source of non-industrial waste plastics since January 1, 2018 was included in the banned the import of the directory.

Mat JinMin tells a reporter, waste plastics itself with polluting, small workshops processing equipment are not qualified, the product is mainly used for all kinds of plastic products, including plastic containers, plastic bowl, plastic spoon and other daily necessities, great harm to human body health. Moreover, the waste water generated by the enterprise in the production process is discharged randomly without treatment, which directly pollutes the soil, groundwater and public water sources. The untreated waste gas in the process of high temperature melting contains a lot of harmful substances, which will directly pollute the atmosphere after being discharged at will, causing serious damage to the surrounding ecology and environment. In April this year, huidong a company from shenzhen yantian port (8.000, 0.13, 1.60%) to declare the import a batch of low density polyethylene, shenzhen customs belonging to dapeng customs during the inspection, found that the goods look strange, so the sampling inspection immediately. On May 18, it was confirmed by inspection and appraisal that the goods were scraps of ethylene polymer, which were under the state restriction on the import of solid waste, with a total weight of 25 tons. The case has now been handed over to the anti-smuggling department for further investigation.

Low density polyethylene is often used as packaging film, food packaging, in particular, can also be used for paper coating, insulation materials, daily necessities and toys etc., the materials of the final product are in close contact with people in daily life, if the raw material quality problems, will be to the environment, health and life security, cause serious harm. As the campaign against "foreign garbage" goes further, a large number of smuggled domestic garbage has been rejected by the customs. On May 8, dapeng customs entry from Singapore seized a large number of domestic garbage in the container, including paper, plastic packaging, water bottles, etc. A total of about 10 cubic meters, and have obvious smell and mildew phenomenon. According to relevant laws and regulations, the customs department has filed a case investigation.

We will increase the ratio of inspection of imported solid waste

Shenzhen customs strictly carry out the spirit of the central and the general administration of customs, tightly sealed "foreign garbage" into China, strict enforcement of solid waste from inspection "the three 100%" requirements, namely all equipped with H986 container inspection equipment to customs examination site 100% machine inspection, container imported waste plastics with relatively high environmental risk are artificial thorough inspection, imports solid waste transport vehicles for loading, 100% weighing weighing.

At present, shenzhen customs to load from some of the key areas of direct import solid wastes further increase the inspection ratio, reduced the number of solid wastes restricted import port, at the same time from the existing 8 reduced to 3; Further strengthen security access risk prevention and control, the key to collect through Hong Kong "transit" "spell ark" unlawful activities such as smuggling and speculation permit intelligence, the import of solid waste as well as suspected or "shadow" goods increased surveillance monitor. In addition, the shenzhen customs also carried out special action imports of waste plastics and the import customs 16 waste plastics enterprises one by one to check the registration information, for the key environmental risk supervision of faithless list adjust corporate credit rating, and implementation of the 33 combined punishment unit joint punishment. We will establish cooperation mechanisms with local environmental protection authorities in shenzhen, including clue exchange, case notification and joint action, to jointly implement special remediation.

At the same time, the customs to "foreign garbage" smuggling case dig source line, and to check out the case for important intelligence sources, through analyzing the case of comb, accurate correlation other involved gangs, mining complete smuggling ring. Since this year, shenzhen customs has successfully excavated 26 related groups.

Seats JinMin, said the next step, the shenzhen customs will further fixed, dig expanding line of evidence, and to strengthen cooperation with local law enforcement, combat smuggling, illegal business chain management completely, environmental pollution, to protect the ecological environment of society security and people's lives and health.