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The Polyethylene Market In June Was Widely Expected To Be Poor

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 30, 2018

For the June market, the three major negative, let the market mentality general deviation.

A, gradually drive maintenance equipment, domestic supply, jilin petrochemical linear device on May 8, parking, plan on June 14, driving, low pressure on May 11, parking, driving plan on June 14. Shenyang chemical industry May 3 maintenance 55 days, lanzhou petrochemical high May 17 fault parking, June 15 to choose the opportunity to drive. The LD251 production line of zhongtianhechuang will be closed for a week from May 19, and the linear device will stop on May 25, solstice, June 9. The complete density and low pressure installation of ethylene in sichuan will be stopped for two months from April 8, while zhenhai refining will be overhauled on April 27, solstice, June 8. Shanghai petrochemical co. 1: pemay 10 parking maintenance, it is expected to drive on August 1; 2: PE device stops for 6 and 7 months. Cnooc's huizhou officially began driving in May. The extension of the additional 450,000 tons of low-pressure equipment for elm is scheduled to start production at the end of June.

Two, import resources slow digestion, and early hang shun attract the resources, the more the domestic demand has been flat, port inventory slower, have reduced pressure, give priority to with linear, but as a result of the early stage of the supply cost is higher, the decline of the overall price is difficult to appear.

June 3, demand forecast is poor, the product is still in the demand off-season, domestic gradually into the wheat harvest season, before and after the Dragon Boat Festival for Qingdao shut down part of the sco summit in shandong province and other downstream enterprises, affected the part demand recovery.

In a word, the above three bad, let the market difficult to have good expectations, considering the domestic full density device strictly control the product production, flexible production to meet the market need, linear current prices are expected to fall sharply the space is not large, could test 9000-9200 yuan/ton support, below 9000 yuan/ton is unlikely. Due to the low price of high pressure products, the downstream enterprises will increase the use of high pressure, which will also provide certain support for high pressure.