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Plastic War Quick Decision Circular Economy Will Become The Main Melody Of Rubber And Plastic Industry Development

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 06, 2018

In response to world environment day, the United Nations environment programme (unep) has launched a global relay challenge for the quick fix of the # plastic war, dubbed the new "ice bucket challenge".As a host country, India will greatly small community through citizen participation, and various celebrations, on a global scale "world environment day" theme activities, to this year's world environment day into the largest and the most important event.In Sweden, plogging has received a positive response from environmentalists and fitness enthusiasts in more than 40 countries and regions.June 2 to 5, more than 10 cities of Asia Pacific will launch the 12 waste plastics made big exhibitions to support the United Nations environment programme's world environment day activity, calling for attention to the plastic garbage crisis.Celebrations will also be held in Auckland, ho chi minh city, Manila, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo and Rangoon.Legislation to restrict plastic production in many economiesIn the recent flurry of activity, the biggest concern has been the large eu. Take a look at the main points of the commission's recent proposals:• all products such as straws and beverage mixers will not be made from plastic in the future, but must be made from environmentally friendly materials.• member states have proposed targets to reduce the use of disposable food containers such as plastic beverage cups.• eu member states must meet the target of recycling 90 per cent of disposable plastic beverage bottles by 2025.In fact, restrictions on disposable plastic products are increasingly being agreed around the world. In the United States, lawmakers in California and New York have proposed a complete ban on the use of plastic straws. On May 29, the Indigo county council in Victoria, Australia, announced a new "plastic policy". On May 30th Chile passed a bill to ban the use of plastic bags nationwide.At the same time, the European plastic (PlasticsEurope) expressed support for the European commission proposed by the end of may "in the European parliament and the council about the impact of certain plastics on the environment instructions" of the overall objectives, which reduced Marine litter. It is pointed out that the ban on plastic products is not the solution and will not fundamentally achieve the establishment of a sustainable and resource-efficient economic foundation. Call for proper waste management and other public works, support innovation and forward-looking product design, and raise environmental awareness.Rubber and plastic industry: circular economy has attracted much attentionAs an important way to realize sustainable development, circular economy is becoming a hot topic. In the rubber and plastics industry, many enterprises have sensed the opportunities brought by the circular economy for enterprises. Thorsten Kuhmann, general manager of the VDMA German plastics and rubber machinery association, said that the circular economy would be the next major theme. "Our industry must pay attention to the problem of plastic pollution and we must come up with solutions," he stressed. This is one of the first issues we have to deal with in the German plastics and rubber machinery industries, because the circular economy will be the next major theme we will see after industry 4.0.Michael Heitzinger points out that recycling cannot be done alone and that the interaction and communication of people in the plastics industry is the key to success. He reiterated: "I would like to liken the recycling economy of the plastics industry to a cog in the wheel that can integrate recycling into the existing process chain only through exchange (from product design to production). We can't eliminate the necessary active communication. The core technology of EREMA, extrusion technology, also needs to cooperate with separation or cleaning technology and the expectation of how to use the recycled materials in the end.