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Where Is The Road Of Chongqing Plastics Industry

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2018

Seize opportunities and embrace developmentFor the plastic enterprises in chongqing, the biggest development opportunity is to build a hundred billion level plastic industrial park in chongqing. Last year, China's western plastic ecological industrial park was located in liangping county, chongqing. Through agglomeration and development, it is planned to form an industrial cluster of hundreds of billions by 2024. With the completion and production of the first batch of projects, within less than a year, liang ping has realized an output value of 1.5 billion yuan, and the effect of industrial agglomeration and development has initially appeared. "In the past, our plastics businesses were scattered and decentralized, and as a result, we didn't develop very well." Liu hanlong, secretary general of the chongqing plastics association, said that chongqing's plastic enterprises are now gathering around liangping plastic eco-industrial park to complement each other and build a big group together.At the same time, chongqing plastics association has also become a close link between the related enterprises. Star, new building materials co., LTD., general manager of chongqing BaoZheSong said: "after many years of practice, we are increasingly aware of, they cannot do enterprises, we must be integrated into the society, can complement each other, and grow stronger." In recent years, the chongqing association of plastic the member enterprises actively promote exchanges and cooperation, seeks the welfare for various enterprises, at the same time strengthening industry self-discipline, improve the overall level of the industry, has won more and more enterprise support. Among them, pipeline enterprises are developing in groups, and established the professional committee of chongqing plastics industry association.Brand is the first industry breakthrough"The opportunity is not the same as the success, the long-term development of enterprises, but also need to rely on the quality of a strong support." Fu zhimin, President of the chongqing plastics industry association and vice President of chongqing Goody Science & Technology Co.,Ltd., said that winning by quality has become a consensus among the association's members. "Peers know each other best, better than governments, better than users. Therefore, mutual supervision between enterprises and enterprises is the best means of supervision and a good way to learn from each other's strengths. Fu said that the association's member enterprises also actively support the self-discipline of the industry, which will become an important means to improve the quality of chongqing plastics enterprises in the future.From the experience of the development of many enterprises, if an enterprise wants to be prosperous, it must truly set up the quality development view that wins by quality and the brand is strong. "We do quality not to show our customers, but to treat our business with the most responsible attitude on the basis of our own conscience," said a general manager. Only by keeping your feet on the ground can you really win a place.Development must tap its potentialHe hong, director of the building materials department of chongqing economic and information technology commission, said chongqing has been committed to promoting high-end and high-tech industries in recent years. In laptops, cars as the main engine of "6 + 1" seven industrial clusters benefit after showing, integrated circuit, liquid crystal panels, iot, robots, graphene and nano new material, new energy and smart cars, shale gas, MDI integration, biological medicine, environmental protection equipment has become the chongqing 10 big strategic emerging industries, accelerate the future will become the new bright spot for the future industrial growth. The 10 strategic emerging industries will bring new markets to the plastics industry. Around these 10 industries and their supporting materials, chongqing plastics enterprises will have a lot to offer.He also suggested that "enterprises should pay more attention to the needs of economic and social development, dig deep into the market, and actively contribute to economic and social development. Enterprises will also be rewarded."In addition, many plastic enterprise director said in an interview, at present, the southeast Asian market is showing strong demand, this is important opportunity of development of plastic enterprises, each enterprise is planning to build brand, the product to the southeast Asia market.