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The European Union Has Proposed A Ban On Disposable Plastic Products Aimed At Curbing Marine Pollution

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 14, 2018

The European commission proposed a "blacklist" a total of 10 kinds of disposable plastic products, including plastic cutlery, straws, fork and knife, boxes), disposable swab rod, balloons and plastic rod, fishing gear, food plastic cups and plastic bottles, plastic bags. According to the European commission, 70 per cent of European Marine waste comes from these products.Published by the European commission, according to a draft of the European Union is prior to 2025, about 90% of disposable plastic recycling, product realization and slash "blacklist" of goods sold on the market proportion, until a total ban on the production. In addition, the commission recommends that member states further strengthen the classification and treatment of plastic waste and improve the utilization rate of plastic products.According to the eu decision-making process, the commission will submit the relevant draft to the European parliament and the council of the eu in the near future, and the eu institutions are expected to reach a final resolution in the first half of next year.