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The Weak Pattern Of Rubber Is Difficult To Change

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Last week after falling for three consecutive days, on Tuesday (June 19), rubber futures prices represent the broken bits, the main contract after drop stop, refresh low since the middle of September, 2016, the bulls were hit bottom do more confidence.Market people pointed out that the current rubber supply pressure is still large, but the overall demand is weak, it is expected that in the short term Shanghai rubber prices will fluctuate weak.

Another big break

After several consecutive days of losses, the rubber futures price of the last period did not see an end to the decline, but because of the global trade situation changes again fell sharply.

Look from the disk, on June 19, Shanghai rubber futures low open low, main 1809 contract on opening fell more than 1%, days since 10685 yuan/ton gradually downward, afternoon decline further, after touching down, a new low since September 14, 2016, despite a late fall slightly convergence, but in the end still fell 5.74%, to 10190 yuan/ton.

At this point, the main contract price already fell on the fourth day in a row, after the June 8 to 15, Shanghai rubber main 1809 contract 6 has closed down five days, including 8 and 13 fell 2.31% and 4.96% respectively, with 19 broken a crash, within 7 days, RU1809 has fallen 1515 yuan/ton, 12.94% decline.