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British Waste Plastics Are Resold In Large Quantities In Southeast Asia And Taiwan

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 28, 2018

China banned the import of this year including 24 kinds of waste plastics, unclassified waste paper recycling of solid waste, let the past recycling waste to mainland China Britain break brains to change to southeast Asia and China Taiwan, not only become the most power, receive the UK waste plastics in Malaysia, is the implementation of plastic limit policy of Taiwan was also jumped tenfold.According to the report in the RESOURCE of environmental protection, the UK over the past year exports to China a total of about 494000 tons of waste plastics and 494000 tons of waste paper, since China began to implement environmental protection policy and import ban, the British decided to unable to digest waste all shipped to southeast Asia and Taiwan. According to the revenue & customs (HMRC) statistics, from January to April this year, waste plastics bulge 3 times in Malaysia, became the first big country, receiving the waste plastics in Thailand is 10 times increase 50 times, Taiwan.Plunged 97% of waste plastics in the UK exports to China mainland, Hong Kong fell 71%, while solve urgent, but the British environmental services association (ESA), the director of heller (Jacob Hayler) warning, such as southeast Asia ports, including Vietnam, rejected the phenomenon of waste plastics, began to appear in the future I'm afraid I can't completely replace the mainland China; In addition to actively seeking alternative markets, Britain should invest more in recycling infrastructure at home.