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The Two Sessions Will Bring New Opportunities And Challenges To The Plastic Industry.

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 21, 2018

In march, there was a huge concentration of domestic events.Since the Chinese people's political consultative conference on March 3, the first session of the 13th and the 13th at a meeting of the National People's Congress (hereinafter referred to as the "two sessions") since its opening, from the government work report to the minister channel speech, etc., countries all the much-anticipated new policies and regulations, such as news.Starting from the plastics industry, we will comb through the new policy messages of the two sessions that will have a new impact on the plastics industry.

First, the first keyword, "go to capacity."In 2018, the steel production capacity will be reduced by about 30 million tons, and the coal production capacity will be about 150 million tons.From the point of production capacity in recent years, national macro policy, excess production capacity significantly, such as coal, iron and steel industry since to implementation capacity, steel and coal prices have a significant rebound, for the domestic coal to olefin capacity proportion increase year by year, the most direct influence is the raw material cost increase, also the domestic coal polyolefin products compared with the system of oil product cost advantage.In addition, for the closure of substandard coal unit, through the policy, most enterprises have made relevant adjustments, but or to partial shut down of radiation within the plastic production enterprises have an effect, especially in the downstream terminal production enterprises or have a certain influence.

The second keyword is "ecological civilization".Vice minister of environmental protection, Dr. Huang said the current atmospheric pollution situation is still in a weight-bearing climbing phase, the implementation of the ecological environment compensation system, improve the ecological compensation mechanism, protect the ecological environment in a more effective system."History", from the most severe environmental season in 2017, domestic policy on environmental protection in the future implementation will be more and more strict and more and more normalized, during the two sessions this year, everybody's new policy on environmental protection requirements, etc. Is also particularly interested in.There will also be new challenges for the plastics industry in 2018.For the standardization of the plastics industry, eliminating substandard enterprises such as environmental protection, industry reshuffle will accelerate, demand will continue to flow to high production standardization of large-scale production and processing enterprises, for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households and other perhaps survival more difficult, but the overall effect on plastic industry demand may be limited.

The third keyword is "urbanization".In 2018, there will be 13 million residents in the city, and the citizenization of the agricultural transfer population will be accelerated.The new three shacks were launched and 5.8 million units were started this year.Further advance of urbanization, to strengthen the construction of supporting facilities, infrastructure, etc, the plastic industry is also a direct positive support, direct stimulation of plastics pipes, plates, such as soil quantity demand good.

In addition, the new policies and regulations of the "fiscal and taxation system" will have a direct impact on the plastics industry.Wang jun, director of the state administration of taxation: in this year's government work report, there are at least three characteristics: 1.There are 31 tax breaks in the government's work report, and 18 of the tax cuts to be pushed forward this year are the largest ever written, with heavy and powerful weight.2. Extensive coverage.Tax reform will benefit hundreds of millions of natural people and thousands of enterprises.

Finally, affect plastic industry keywords and "product quality", "infrastructure", "double gen (creative)", "science and technology of tubing system" and so on, the development of plastic industry a new direct or indirect impact.The "product quality" aspect will improve the requirements of plastic raw materials, terminal products and so on, and put forward new requirements for existing production enterprises.The "infrastructure investment" aspect has certain positive impetus to the plastic industry demand.The "double gen", "science and technology management system" would follow in the two aspects, such as the problems and difficulties, the above several aspects to strengthen the benign development of plastic industry have far-reaching significance.