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Focus On The Two Sessions Limit Plastic Order To Strengthen The Recovery Of Executive Force.

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 24, 2018

"At present, it is urgent to improve the detailed restriction on the system, and enhance its execution and coercive force at the practical level."Gong fuwen, member of the national committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference and vice President of the shaanxi provincial high people's court.

In 2007, the state council promulgated the "plastic limit order", but unfortunately, the "plastic limit order" has never been deep into every corner of the consumption market in China, the "plastic limit order", and has become a plastic "sell", some businessmen as an excuse to earn profit.

In 2017, there are no more checks on the market, and the number of other "new white pollution" has also emerged in addition to the number of ordinary plastic bags.In recent years, the development of express delivery and other industries has led to a rapid rise in the consumption of plastic containers, tapes and bags, and a surge in plastic waste in emerging industries.According to industry statistics, the large amount of online order platform to complete the order a meal a day to 40 million boxes, 14.6 billion boxes a year, the express industry need to 12 billion plastic bags a year, 12 billion m of packing tape, in the vast majority is non-biodegradable, recovery rate is extremely low, can only be discarded or burned, pollution of the environment pressure.

This brings us to the reality that we have to face.Issued more than ten years ago the "plastic limit order", subject to the consumption status, only has carried on the limits to plastic shopping bags, and in recent years, the rapid development of the market, has brought a lot of other white pollution, "plastic limit order" appeared a lot of regulatory limbo.Therefore, the "plastic limit order" range expansion, will Courier bags, plastic boxes, etc. Into the "plastic limit order", to prevent regulatory blind area increased, to strengthen the enforcement and industries are encouraged to use environmentally friendly packaging, is imminent.Only in the multi-industry practice of "plastic restriction", and not only in the concept of "plastic bags", can the white pollution be reduced to a minimum.

In addition to restrictions on this kind of white trash, it is necessary to strengthen the necessary recycling.In 2017, the new plastic economics ", the report said the world only 14% of the plastic packaging is recycled, has finally been effective recovery of only 10%, and 30% of the plastic packaging design end-result is the landfill, incineration, or energy recovery.Such a low proportion of recycling utilization, the result is environmental pollution, waste of resources.Plastic packaging is a precious resource, which has the value of recycling and recycling. It can be used for recycling of gasoline, diesel and plastic particles.Therefore, we should increase the recycling of plastic packaging, use tax leverage and preferential policies, and encourage enterprises to actively participate in recycling, so as to improve the recycling rate and turn waste into treasure.

From the point of development of social economy and science and technology history, every major social change is dependent on the technology progress, the plastic limit should also focus on science and technology, support enterprise engaged in research and development, the development of biodegradable plastic packaging, green packaging, recycle use of circular economy to protect the environment.The "restriction order" should be the beginning, not the result, only the real implementation of the "restriction order", strengthen the recycling execution force, can overcome the white trash.