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We Will Accelerate The Formulation Of Policies To Combat Plastic Waste.

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 26, 2018

Live in fujian and the CPPCC national committee Chen jh to submit proposals, suggested to speed up the making the policy of prevention and control of plastic garbage pollution, make the "white pollution" step by step, have a goal, a deadline to err on the side.

The proposal points out that there are still outstanding problems in the prevention and control of plastic waste pollution in China, including the lack of specific laws and regulations to restrict the behavior of citizens and manufacturers.

Lack of relevant economic policy guidance, can not mobilize enterprises to recycle, processing, use waste plastic products enthusiasm;

The management of each department is not in place, and the waste plastic products produced in the operation are not strictly managed.

It is urgent to improve the waste disposal method of landfill and incineration.

Citizens' environmental awareness needs to be improved.

In this regard, it is suggested that relevant laws and regulations on the prevention and control of plastic waste pollution should be enacted as soon as possible, and the prevention and control work should be incorporated into the legalized orbit.

By formulating and implementing economic policies conducive to the recycling and utilization of plastic products, and promoting the recycling of waste plastic products;

To strengthen the publicity of the pollution hazard of plastic waste, education citizens consciously prevent and control "white pollution", and guide the whole society to develop good hygienic habits;

We will improve the recovery mechanism and gradually improve the recycling rate of waste plastic waste.

Research and develop the actual plastic substitute products, and actively promote the use.