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From Raising Interest Rates To A Trade War Between China And The United States, The PE Market Was Surging In March.

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 30, 2018

In March 2018, the market did not meet the demand of xiaoyang spring, polyethylene market downturn, the transaction was always weak, high inventory pressure has not been alleviated.

In march, the fed raised interest rates to meet market expectations, while the macro focus was on the sino-american trade war.

US President Donald trump has announced punitive tariffs on Chinese goods worth up to $50 billion.

China's ministry of commerce has released a list of products that have been suspended for 232 U.S. imports of steel and aluminum products, and plans to impose tariffs on about $3 billion in imports from the United States.

Institutional interpretation sino-us trade competition for jobs, and expects to have if the setting of 30% tariff and nontariff trade war at the same time, China's manufacturing output and employment fell by 4.622% and 4.622% respectively. The manufacturing output and employment in the United States fell by 1.412% and 1.412% respectively. A war of no gunpowder smoke, interpreted in financial markets became a concern about systemic risk appears, commodity futures and stock markets have fallen.

In the confrontation between national policies, it is necessary to keep an eye on the impact of the message.

Domestically, the main focus is on the issue of tight balance of money, high cost of capital, so that enterprises reserve stock pressure, and some enterprises have the need to cash in.

Affected by systemic risk, polyethylene market on March 23, again through the black Friday, commodity markets fell, polyethylene futures, spot are not immune, prices fell rapidly, especially in the chemical products.

In April, China's sichuan petrochemical, shenhua yulin, zhenhai refining and Shanghai petrochemical maintenance plan, the supply side is expected to decrease, but the high inventory pressure in March still exists.

Film, film and so on demand into the off-season, and sino-us trade war started in late march, China's currency balance factors such as continue to restrict demand recovery, is expected to market is still not optimistic about in April.

In view of the early market decline, as the price is lower, it may stimulate the demand at some time, the market stage small rebound is still available, the overall trend is short.