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The Reasons Behind The Growth Of ABS Plastic Raw Materials.

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 02, 2018

In 2017, the production and sales of ABS plastic raw materials in China have achieved significant growth, and most of the domestic factories have reached full capacity or overload.

Looking back last year, when we sorted out the increment of the main products of the downstream, the big increase in ABS production and sales in 2017 was the significant increase in the demand for the downstream part of the terminal.

Generally, ABS resin for impact resistance, heat resistance, good low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, easy process molding and surface gloss, excellent comprehensive performance, widely used in the automotive industry, electronics, electrical appliances, instruments and building materials and other fields.

It is a kind of polymer material between general plastic and engineering plastics.

In China, the downstream consumption of ABS is mainly concentrated in the household appliance industry.

According to the forecast, in 2017, the proportion of household appliances in the downstream area of ABS is more than 60%, and the demand for ABS is the largest in the household appliance industry, including air conditioning, refrigerator and washing machine.

In 2017, China's ABS production and sales have increased substantially, and most of the domestic factories have reached full capacity or overload.

It is not difficult to find out the increment of the major products downstream. In 2017, the rear of ABS super load is a significant increase in the downstream end demand.

Benefit from the channel inventory low, high weather in summer, after the real estate cycle to drive incremental demand, rural and three or four line city consumption increasing, product consumer upgrades, such as the superposition of multiple positive 2017 China air conditioning market volume has hit a record high, to sell year-on-year rise sharply.

According to the national bureau of statistics, the number of air conditioners in China reached 1803.98 million in 2017, up 26.4% from the whole of last year, up 21.9% from last year.

In 2017, the air conditioning is expected to be more than expected.

In the past year of 2017, the domestic output of the refrigerator market reached 8673,000, a 13.6% increase over last year, and a 9% increase from last year.

But the washing machine industry did not do well, the deceleration trend is obvious.

In 2017, China's output reached 7500.9 million, up 3.2 percent from last year and a 1.7 percent decline from last year.

The global economy will continue to move forward on the path of recovery, and the market remains optimistic about the outlook for Chinese appliances, and will continue to drive the overall consumption of ABS.

Especially for the air conditioning market, the industry forecast in recent years will be its growth opportunity.

It is expected that the home appliance market will maintain a steady pace of development in 2018, and there is no shortage of potential for further increase in production.

With this positive news, ABS's demand in the home appliance field will continue to maintain a good momentum.