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China And The United States Are Adding To The List Of Tariffs On Plastic Materials.

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 09, 2018

For U.S. emergency, caused by a breach of international obligations of China to defend China's own legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese government on the basis of the foreign trade law of the People's Republic of China "and other laws and regulations and the basic principles of international law, will be on us soybean agricultural products, such as automobile, chemical, aircraft and other imports equivalent tariffs measures, tax rate of 25%, involving 2017 Chinese imports account for about $50 billion from the United States.

Final measures and effective time will be announced separately.

Industry participants: the engineering plastics involved include PET/PBT/PCT/PTT, high-temperature nylon, nylon 66, PC and flame retardant, all of which are of great importance to the plastics industry.

The industry is talking about:

1. Spring of domestic high-temperature nylon is coming;

It deals with aromatic polyamide and its copolymer, as well as semi-aromatic polyamide and its copolymers, mainly high temperature nylon and modified products.

Before is 10% tariff, if higher taxes on foreign products, the polymerization of domestic enterprises will usher in spring, such as blonde technology, jie jie, new and become, zhongtai, henan jun heng, sanli beno, etc.

2. The influence of foreign enterprises on the modification works in China is very large. The important market of engineering plastics is in automobiles, and the price of automobiles and their parts and components will be increased.

3. Foreign OEM may be withdrawn from China.

Take mobile phone as an example, shoot out of the factory in China, the modification of American source should also pay this tax.

4. Foreign enterprises in China will consider more local procurement of raw materials;

But some people familiar with the matter say that more than a decade of dupont's shenzhen plant has been modified with nylon.

5, really develop the country goods, peacetime is also good to say, once the war, is not to raise taxes, the other party direct cut off goods.

6. Bromine, phosphor-nitrogen flame retardant, especially the high performance flame retardant, the opportunity is present, but it still needs us to be better prepared, strong self!