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Pipeline Company Storage Tank For The First Time To Test The Application Of Waterborne Coatings.

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 13, 2018

On March 30th, huangdao pipeline company depot, pipeline scientific research institute, xuzhou real Chinese pipe special operations company and other units at will, in huangdao oil depot of water-based coating on the tank test application.

On March 22, with shipments of high-pressure airless spraying equipment, the official start of the water-based coating in huangdao oil depot 6007 # tank test application, also marks the pipeline company "dragon" field application project unfolds formally opened.

The water - based coating is applied to the outside of the storage tank for the first time in the pipeline company.

The coating is water as diluent, does not contain volatile organic matter, has the advantage of environmental protection, safety.

Application effect in order to ensure the new product test, pipeline scientific research institute, huangdao oil depot, xuzhou real Chinese pipe units such as the special operating company make a detailed test application solutions, made clear requirement for construction conditions, keep the temperature, humidity, film thickness, and other inspection and monitoring records, for the new coating anticorrosion performance examination and further popularization and application.