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Wack Is A New Product Of Polymer Adhesives In Europe.

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 14, 2018

German wacker group will be March 19 to 21, 2013, the European international coating exhibition held in nuremberg show the latest research and development of polymer adhesives, the concrete improvement with the product meets all the requirements for environmental protection construction application.

Used for laying of permeable concrete after tunnel rail track ETONIS modified 260 new product, excellent resistance to resistance and permeability, to ensure smooth fire and rescue vehicles raced to open to the site of the tunnel accidents at the same time, more effectively remove moisture in the tunnel, greatly reduce the probability of forming water or water, and extending the service life of the whole railway roadbed.

Another new product on display is VINNAPAS wellesl 5111 L redispersible latex powder, which is the ideal raw material for preparing self-leveling floors and leveling mortar.This kind of emulsion powder can make the mortar surface become extremely uniform and smooth, and have excellent wear resistance, bending strength and compressive strength.In addition, the new adhesive has low viscosity and good advection.VINNAPAS wei real resistance of 5111 L another characteristic is a defoaming performance is more outstanding, not only can make the mortar surface is smooth, no bubbles, but also can be used to make very low voc content of self-leveling mortar.VINNAPAS Wilson LL5518 H is another building innovation product launched by wacker.This to disperse latex powder has excellent hydrophobic and more good construction performance, is an ideal binder to tick off seam mortar and plaster, it further enriched, and outdoor damp environment use to disperse latex powder supply type.