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One Belt And One Road Creates Opportunities For The Development Of Plastics Industry

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 24, 2018

    One Belt And One Road Creates Opportunities For The Development Of Plastics Industry 

    The plastics industry is very important in China's entire industrial system, and many industries cannot develop without the support of the plastics industry.However, the development of plastics industry in China is facing great challenges at present.Domestic environmental pressure increases, environmental protection tax begins to collect, the regenerated plastics industry suffers huge impact;The oversupply of the market and excess capacity resulted in the loss of the industry price advantage and the loss of competitiveness.Foreign trade protection forces are rising, trade frictions and trade disputes have intensified, and the United States has imposed high tariffs on Chinese plastic products.The complex domestic and international situation has compressed the development space of the plastic industry, while "One Belt And One Road" has provided a big direction for the development of plastics industry.

    "One Belt And One Road" is short for "silk road economic belt" and "21st century maritime silk road"."One Belt And One Road" connects the two ends of the Eurasian continent, connecting the asia-pacific economic circle to the east and entering the European economic circle in the west."Area" is devoted to the asia-europe continent and ocean near connectivity, establishing and strengthening inter-operability countries along the partnership, build an omni-directional, multilevel and compound the connectivity of network, realize the countries along the multiple, autonomous, balanced and sustainable development.Whether it is to develop the economy, improve people's livelihood, or respond to the crisis and accelerate adjustment, many countries along the belt and road share common interests with China.History, is the land of the silk road and sea silk road in China and central Asia, southeast Asia, South Asia, west Asia, East Africa, Europe, economic and cultural exchange channel "One Belt And One Road" is the inheritance and promotion of the ancient silk road, obtained the widespread approval.

    The contradiction between supply and demand of plastic market in China is more prominent, and the problem of excess capacity is serious, which also leads to the continuous decline of the current price of plastic market and the weakening of market competitiveness.The international trade, financial support, energy supply and the growth point of the new stimulus economy brought by One Belt And One Road will be able to drive the development of China's plastics industry.Plastic industry related businesses can use all the way "area" involved in the transportation construction, urbanization construction, such as the construction of infrastructure, along with our country and construction units of all over the world, at home and abroad to undertake projects, solve the excess capacity, improve enterprise competitiveness.