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High Performance Engineering Plastics Become The Market Darling Rapid Growth

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 28, 2018

The recent trade war between the United States and China and other countries has drawn global attention.Although a trade war has not yet begun, the world is watching the war.

China association of synthetic resin supply and marketing industry in 2018 the situation analysis and the second session of the second council, automobil buy plastic industry holding group chief economist and chief strategy officer of supply chain of the Internet Yang Xianghong were invited to the current situation of the development of our country's economy as "China's economic status quo, the future opportunities and challenges facing" theme report, economic impact on the chemical industry in China and in the future development trend of the chemical industry, an in-depth analysis.

In the report, Yang pointed out that GDP growth rate in 2017: China still has a global ranking, but per capita GDP is still low.China's per capita income is far lower than that of developed countries.China's economy has maintained steady development in terms of institutional advantages, industrial and industrial chain advantages, technological innovation of products and the multiple pull of the Internet economy.