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One Belt And One Road Creates Opportunities For The Development Of Plastics Industry.

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 03, 2018

Plastic industry in our country very important position in the whole industrial system, a lot of industry's development is inseparable from the plastics industry support But at present, the plastic industry development of our country is faced with enormous challenges Pressure on domestic environmental protection green taxes imposed, recycled plastic industry is huge impact; Market supply exceeds demand, overcapacity, lead to loss of price advantage, industry less competitive forces of foreign trade protection, trade friction intensified trade disputes, impose high tariffs against Chinese plastic products such as complicated situation at home and abroad to compress the plastics industry development space, the area along the construction for the development of plastic industry provides a large direction.

Area economic belt and the silk road all the way in the 21st century, hereinafter referred to as part of the Marine silk road connected on both ends of the Eurasian, all the way to the east to connect the asia-pacific economic circle, the west is dedicated to all the way into the European economic area near the asia-europe continent and ocean connectivity, establishing and strengthening inter-operability countries along the partnership, build all-round multi-level complex interconnection network, achieve the equilibrium of multiple independent countries along the sustainable development from economic development to improve the livelihood of the people, or cope with the crisis to speed up the adjustment, along with many countries have a common interest in our country History, the land of the silk road and sea silk road is China's southeast Asia south west Asia and central Asia in east Europe, economic and cultural exchange channel area is all the way of inheritance and promotion of the ancient silk road, obtained the widespread approval.

The conflict between supply plastic market in China is serious, serious overcapacity problem, it also contributed to the plastic market prices falling, the market less competitive Along the way of international trade finance support energy supply and the new stimulation economic growth will be able to promote the development of China plastics industry plastic industry companies to involve all the way to the available area of traffic construction Urbanization construction and other infrastructure construction, along with our country and construction units of all over the world, at home and abroad to undertake projects, solve the excess capacity, improve enterprise competitiveness According to customs statistics show that in 2017 China's plastic products import and export amounted to $46.35 billion, up 8.65% from a year earlier, the export amount is $41.264 billion, the import amount is $5.086 billion, import and export amount has increased compared to normal Among them, the data showed that import and export of the main direction for the southeast Asian countries and European countries such as China's plastic products to a large number of exports from domestic raw materials, low prices and export region form spreads, facilitate domestic exporters operating, this advantage will be in the area along the way and will be ready to continue to expand in addition to the area along the way Beyond the end of the western European countries for developed countries, many countries are all developing countries along the economic development in developing countries is relatively backward, artificial cost is relatively low, according to the relevant data of renewable plastic industry labor costs of $300 in Indonesia, Vietnam, for about $250, Cambodia is about $100.