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The Chemical Industrial Park Has Banned Over 20 Old Factory Buildings Of Small Workshops, Which Have Hidden Safety Hazards

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 05, 2018

Small workshops to ban the "aftermath"

Waste liquid solid waste storage safety hazard.

Investigations team found in chemical industrial park, a production workshop, the workshop dust is very serious, there are a lot of production with a set of system due to corrosion, aging, damage is very serious, more appear PaoMaoDiLou; Discharge of waste gas, waste water and waste residue; In the exhaust of the workshop, the side of the factory is covered with dust. "This situation poses a great danger to safe production." The secret visitor pointed out.

At the jiuding alloy technology company in qingshan, the secret visitors saw that the waste water was constantly coming out of the observation mouth of the treatment facilities, dropping onto the ground. The head of the company explained that the observations were not sealed and they needed to be cleaned regularly.

On the other side of the assembly workshop, dust accumulation in the ground and equipment is serious, obviously has not been cleaned for a long time. "It was used a long time ago and it's not used anymore, and it has been for a long time." "Said the employee. The team also found that there were no dedicated security officers at the site. 'companies are small,' says the head of the business. 'they're all part time management.'

Subsequently, investigations team again to yizheng Ming shing chemical fiber corporation new material technology co., LTD., found that the enterprise sewage pipe directly to the wall, peculiar smell, living garbage is piled on the floor in factory in outer space. "There must be a danger to the local environment." The secret visitor said.

Since the "263" operation, the chemical industry park has eliminated more than 20 small waste plastic granulators. However, in the old site of a banned waste plastics workshop, the undercover team found a number of abandoned empty barrels, which caused a lot of blackening on the ground and the smell of chemicals in the air. There are a lot of waste plastic particles left in the field, which has certain impact on the local environment, and there are also safety hazards.