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Use Scientific And Technological Innovation To Find A Way Out For Chemical Waste

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 07, 2018

China is a major chemical producer and needs to provide a way out for chemical wastes. To fundamentally solve the problem of illegal dumping of chemical waste, it is necessary to seek solutions from scientific and technological innovation, vigorously promote the replacement of chemical products, and use harmless chemical products to achieve the replacement of the market.

A chemical company in taixing, jiangsu province, has illegally buried nearly 8,000 tons of hazardous chemical waste in local villages since the end of last year, polluting farmland, xinhua reported. At present, the taixing public security bureau on suspicion of environmental pollution crimes involving more than 30 suspects transferred to the procuratorial organs for review and prosecution.

China is a big country in demand for chemical products, the output of chemical products has been at a high level, and has become a big exporter. However, the way out of chemical waste has not been very good to solve, some rural areas have become dumping sites of chemical waste, not only caused serious pollution of air, water and soil, but also caused direct harm to human health. In the economic transformation carried out in recent years, especially after the central government put forward the goal of building an environment-friendly society, chemical enterprises have become a key target of governance and rectification, and the specification of waste dumping has been put on the agenda. Nevertheless, environmental pollution incidents caused by the dumping of chemical wastes have been heard and heard all the time in recent years. Most of the incidents are caused by enterprises secretly transporting wastes to rural areas or remote areas. Behind these incidents are the despicable mentality of some chemical enterprises that ignore laws and marry others for their own convenience.

In recent years, with the advancement of economic transformation, there has been a clear consensus across the country on building an environment-friendly society. This year, the ministry of ecology and environment has been set up to strictly control environmental pollution. There are laws to be followed in punishing criminals, but it will cost a great deal to clean up the serious pollution caused by them. In the illegal dumping of hazardous waste in taixing, jiangsu province, the local land was originally shown as a natural yellow, after the dumping of waste, the land appears black, even 50 cm below the soil is still black, which shows how serious the pollution. Obviously, the economic cost of restoring the land to its original state will be huge, and the health cost of local villagers will be incalculable.

In the face of frequent illegal dumping of chemical waste, the sword of law must be hung high, but at the same time, we should also see that China is a major chemical production country, and we need to provide a way out for chemical waste. In the early stage of reform and opening up, a large number of chemical enterprises in urban areas moved to rural areas. Driven by economic interests, this even became a way for some rural areas to invigorate their economy. Now, the vast rural areas are aware of the harm of chemical waste and refuse to accept dumping, so enterprises can only seek further places as a dumping place. However, this approach simply pushes the problem back and forth, rather than solving the root cause. For some time now, the government has shut down some chemical enterprises that do not meet the requirements, which will affect employment and therefore lack the value of large-scale promotion.

To fundamentally solve the problem of illegal dumping of chemical waste, a more reliable and effective way should be to seek solutions from scientific and technological innovation, vigorously promote the replacement of chemical products, with harmless chemical products to achieve the replacement of the market.

At present, many chemical enterprises in China are backward in production technology, not to mention the dumping of waste is a problem, is in the production process will also produce a lot of dangerous and toxic gases, harm the health of operators, some chemical products into the field of consumption will affect the health of consumers. The state should strictly control the illegal dumping of chemical waste, at the same time, all kinds of chemical products for the bottom line, for the serious pollution problems of the product firmly shut down, for the technical treatment of harmless products should be strongly supported to help enterprises to achieve the transformation. Especially for chemical waste, enterprises can be required to study new processes, strive to achieve secondary utilization of waste or harmless transfer and utilization, and through administrative measures, it is required to become supporting production procedures of chemical enterprises.

To achieve this goal, enterprises need their own efforts, but also the government's active guidance. After years of reform and opening up, China has not only achieved economic take-off, but also has sufficient strength in scientific and technological innovation and research and development. In fact, a large number of new products without pollution and poisoning have appeared in the chemical industry, which are welcomed by consumers. The state should actively summarize the successful experience in this regard, and through the application of proactive fiscal policies, provide financial subsidies or tax exemptions and other preferential measures to chemical enterprises committed to scientific and technological innovation, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry. In this way, not only can the problem of environmental pollution caused by illegal dumping of chemical wastes be well solved, but also it can help promote the upgrading and replacement of the whole chemical industry and present a new look in the supply-side structural reform.