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Shenyang Enterprise Security Hidden Trouble Investigation Contest Final Curtain

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 24, 2018

Shenyang evening news, shen bao rong media news (reporter liu hongwei) on December 20, shenyang enterprise post safety responsibility "a clear" compilation competition and the final of the security hidden danger investigation contest was held in shenyang safety supervision bureau. After fierce competition, representatives from 6 companies won the competition with high scores.

In order to further consolidate the foundation of shenyang's safe production and the defense line of grass-roots accidents, shenyang safety committee has carried out the whole staff safety education training in the city, and launched the enterprise post safety responsibility "one clear" compilation competition and the security hidden danger investigation big competition. This activity requires the participating enterprises, combined with the key elements of post safety, to write a catchy, clear paragraph, simple and easy to remember safety paragraph, a national said that the safety activity in each enterprise launched a warm.

It is reported that after the preliminary and semi-finals, Siasun Robot&Automation Co.,Ltd., China nonferrous metal shenyang metallurgical machinery Co.,Ltd., shenyang chemical group Co.,Ltd., shenyang xinbei thermoelectric Co.,Ltd., liaohe oilfield shenyang oil production plant and shenyang gufeng group Co., ltd. finally entered the finals. On the same day, a total of four competition links were arranged on the spot of the final: "one fu dang guan", "sand field point soldier", "cut through the customs" and "back to the water battle". At last, the representative team of shenyang oil production plant of liaohe oilfield won the first prize.