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Henan: To Build 4 Modern Coal Chemical Industry Bases With Henan Energy As The Leading Force By 2020

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 03, 2019

On January 1, the ministry of industry and information technology of henan province issued the action plan for the transformation and development of the traditional coal and chemical industry of henan province (2018-2020), which aims to achieve "three reductions and three liters" by 2020. The production capacity of synthetic ammonia and methanol is controlled at about 5.5 million tons and 3 million tons respectively. Four modern coal chemical bases with henan energy as the leading force are built, and four benchmark enterprises with synthetic ammonia and downstream products as the leading force are built. Dahe caifang - the most influential financial and economic all media platform in central China

The programme identifies the main tasks in seven areas.

First, we will strictly control new production capacity. In principle, it is forbidden for traditional coal and chemical enterprises to build or expand projects or enterprises that simply add new production capacity. We will carry out centralized cleaning of coal and chemical projects throughout the province, and in principle, no more construction of traditional coal and chemical projects that have not been started. We will phase out the fixed-bed intermittent coal gasifier and phase out in an orderly manner the ammonia production capacity under 300,000 tons/year of a single unit.

Second, we will increase the intensity of relocation and reconstruction. We will deepen the relocation and renovation of enterprises producing hazardous chemicals in densely populated urban areas and heavy polluting industrial enterprises in built-up urban areas, and proceed in a classified manner in accordance with the principle of "one enterprise, one policy and one step". For relocation, transformation and upgrading enterprises, large pressurized continuous gasification equipment should be used for project equipment. The production capacity of synthetic ammonia is 300,000 tons/year and above, and the production capacity of coal-to-methanol is 1 million tons/year and above.

Third, improve the level of essential security. Strict enterprise safety production permit conditions. By the end of 2018, we will improve the dual prevention mechanism of risk grading control and hidden danger screening and treatment for enterprises producing hazardous chemicals. We will urge enterprises to eliminate potential safety hazards in a timely manner and take production suspension and rectification measures in accordance with law for those that do not meet safety requirements.

Fourth, implement green transformation. By the end of 2019, coal chemical enterprises will comprehensively complete VOCs control. We will comprehensively promote the treatment of source items such as static and dynamic seal points, storage, loading and unloading, waste water systems, disorganized process waste gas and abnormal working conditions of equipment in chemical enterprises. Implementation of coal chemical enterprises mandatory clean production audit coverage.

Fifth, implement park development. The province prohibits the addition of new chemical industrial parks, does not approve the construction of new chemical enterprises outside the park, and promotes the relocation of chemical enterprises outside the park to the chemical industrial park. We will carry out environmental performance evaluation and establish an exit mechanism for chemical industrial parks.

Sixth, the construction of modern fine coal chemical base. Relying on henan energy and chemical industry group, we will build four first-class modern coal chemical bases with multiple cycles and intensive processing, such as puyang, hebi, yongcheng and yima, to make up for the deficiency and reform.

Seventh, support the transformation and development of key ammonia enterprises. In henan jin chemical industry, HaoHuaJun group, heart to heart, henan jinshan chemical fertilizers and other four ammonia backbone enterprises as the main body, encouraged to focus on building a synthetic ammonia and downstream processing demonstration base of support for the all-round development of deep processing industry, to build the domestic first-class ammonia and downstream products deep processing of benchmarking enterprise.