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Technical Requirements For Small Sheet Production Line

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 25, 2018

Small sheet production line can be used for plastic materials such as PE, PET, PVC or starch based degradable material for heating, extrusion, plastic molding process. The formed sheet is used for positive pressure, and the negative pressure plastic molding is used as the product.

For sheet metal rolling, due to the needs of the following products, the sheet is formed to be uniformly thick and uniform after forming, with good surface finish and no stripe.  Therefore, the machinery has the following technical requirements:

A process under the condition of screw - die head pressure, must be consistent; requirements for motor screw extrusion must have good precision and speed, constant torque characteristics (low frequency and large torque);

Entering the process - plasticized materials, requirements of rolling, roll, fixed shape, three roller has good properties and high precision synchronous speed response characteristics;

- for high-speed models (40m/min line speed), the system adopt the artificial way to the storage rack system; in normal production, storage shelves and the group in the same horizontal position, change the volume, storage rack automatic rise, change the volume after the success, then start one roll the group and quickly pulled to the horizontal position, the pinch roller to maintain synchronous speed and three;

In the rolling process must be automatically molding material after the harvest of a certain diameter roll