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What Should Be Avoided In The Common Failures Of The PVC Pipe Production Line?

Zhangjiagang Sansu Machine Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 25, 2018

Plastic pipe production line in the production process will inevitably be some faults, such as: plastic pipe outer surface roughness is not smooth, to adjust the process temperature timely; tube wall thickness is not uniform, the mold thickness adjustment; grooves appear surface tube, check whether the inner tube is water, reducing the internal temperature of the mold; plastic pipe external surface grooves, adjusting sleeve water pressure, water balance; pipeline internal jitter ring, adjusting sleeve of water so that the water evenly; no vacuum, check the vacuum pump inlet is blocked; the cutting length is not accurate, check the meter long wheel is pressed, some more the timely discovery, viewing and processing.

Plastic pipes produced by plastic pipe production line also have common problems: first, the impact of poor impact, even 10 shocks, all ruptured. Two is poor tensile strength and toughness, often characterized by brittleness, low elongation and easy to break. The three is the softening temperature is low, easy to meet the heat deformation, reduce the impact resistance, tensile strength and toughness of the pipe.

Because the safety pin of PVC plastic pipe production line or the safety key is cut off, the extrusion system of the torque is too large, or the main motor and input bearing connection are not concentric. Treatment: check whether the extrusion system has metal and other objects into the stuck screw. In the beginning, check whether the warming up time or temperature is in line with the requirements. Adjust the main motor.

The lower lubricating oil pressure of PVC plastic pipe production line is probably due to the low pressure setting value of the pressure regulating valve of the lubricating oil system, or the failure of the oil pump and the blockage of the suction pipe. Treatment: check and adjust the pressure regulating valve of the lubricating oil system. Check the oil pump and the oil suction pipe.

The main motor bearing temperature rise of PVC plastic pipe production line is too high, the reason may be that the bearing is not lubricated or the bearing wear is serious. Treatment: check and add lubricants, and check motor bearings and replace if necessary.

The pressure instability of the head of the PVC plastic pipe production line is due to the uneven speed of the main motor or the uneven speed of the feed motor, which leads to the fluctuation of the feed quantity. Treatment: check the main motor control system and bearing, check the feed system motor and control system.

The reason why the main motor of the extruder can't start in PVC plastic pipe production line is probably due to whether there is a mistake in the start-up process. If there is a problem with the main motor thread, we will see if the fuse is burnt. Does the linkage device with the main motor work?

The way of treatment is to check the procedure, restart the car according to the correct driving order, check the main motor circuit, check whether the lubricating oil pump is started, check the state of the interlocking device related to the main motor. The pump can not open, the motor can not be opened; check the emergency button is reset; the inverter induction electricity is not finished, close the total power to wait 5 minutes later to start.

PE plastic is polyethylene plastic, with corrosion resistance, electrical insulation (especially high-frequency insulation), suitable for making mortgage polyethylene corrosion resistant parts and parts of high pressure polyethylene insulation; suitable for making films; ultra high molecular weight polyethylene is suitable for making wear resistance and shock absorption, transmission parts.

The PE pipe production line when welding pipes with different wall thickness of pipes if directly butt, because the heating temperature of the hot plate, and pipe and pipe (or pipe) cross-sectional area of hot melt zone is not the same, and the applied welding pressure is the same, it will cause the weld edge is not consistent, can not guarantee the bonding effect between the two affect joint quality. The most frequent reason is that the location of the pipe is not correct in the pipe fitting: the insertion depth is not in place, the axial is not medium, or there is a big deviation between pipe and pipe fitting size, for example, the non roundness of the pipe is seriously exceeding the standard. It may also be due to the two contacts between the wire and the pipe when the wire has water or the heating time is too long to move the wire inside the pipe.

When the bare wiring pipe is used, when the resistance wire is oxidized or inserted, the resistance wire is taken out, and the resistance wire is not properly selected. The local carbonization caused by instantaneous heating causes short circuit.

PVC pipe production line of WPC has strong corrosion resistance, long time use will not crack or cracking phenomenon, non-toxic, beautifully produced no hangnails, not affected by climate, anti moth, use a long time and no maintenance costs, environmental protection, can be recycled usage. Suitable for outdoor places, especially in some of the more humid environment public Lee, now PVC pipe production line production of wood will be able to play the greatest advantage of the. Wood itself has a resin composition in which can effectively prevent corrosion, in the inspection, not because of the erosion of wood decay factor, thus the quality of small, both the appearance and health of wood.

The wood plastic produced by PVC pipe production line proves that this product does not contain any toxic elements of heavy metals. It does not contain substances such as Faure Marin, which are dangerous to human body. It is a product of safety and environmental protection. In addition, wood should not be damp, if damp will not change the original characteristic, so it can be used in a variety of humid environment. It is also through indoor decoration, environmental protection, green products detection, and there is still much blank in the domestic market. Now, domestic wood and plastic products are dumping on foreign markets, and domestic market potential is huge.